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Welcome to MAX Lanyards

Max lanyards, your one stop shop for all your custom lanyards needs, has been created keeping your lanyards creation needs in mind. Just let us know about your requirements, we will offer you the best solutions for developing lanyards according to your needs. When we are with you in developing your desired stuff, you can meet your creative potential and design your custom lanyards, the way you envision them. Whether you are involved with a corporation, non-profit organization, academic institution or governmental agency the lanyards we help you design can be used to attain any goal you pursue. Whether it is to market your new product, promote a cause you believe in or to simply showcase your pride in being a member of an organization, Max lanyards is always happy to help.

Order your custom lanyards now! It is convenient, fast and easy. All you have to do is fill out the form by clicking the ORDER NOW link. Shortly after receiving the form, our graphic artists will create an image of the lanyards and then be in contact with you for confirmation. Upon receiving your confirmation, we begin the process of creating the lanyards and then, after the completion of the lanyards, we ship them out to you right away.