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Your Best Choice for Promotion!

Max Lanyards are your one stop choice for the state of the art and most cost effective lanyards on the market. Lanyards are very useful products, which make sure an important object is always in your reach. Also, if there is any risk of misplacing something, You can attach them with lanyards around the neck. But the most popular purpose of using a lanyard is an effective advertisement of an organization. This is a cost effective way of advertisement.

We stock a large collection of various lanyards. You can simply pick one and order in easy steps. But the site also gives you the option to get customized lanyards. We have highly skilled designers who will design custom lanyards for you. What makes a lanyard unique is your company’s logo, symbol, slogan, promo text, etc.

Lanyards have an attachment at the end of the rope or the cord that depends on the purpose of use. We have plain rubber rings, swivel hooks, split rings, trigger style hooks, bulldog clips, J-hooks, swivel snap hooks, mobile phone or USB release loops, and many hooks of such style. It depends on the choice of the customer which he likes.

Lanyards are used for a number of purposes. These can be used to hang precious small electronic devices such as cameras, USB, mobile phones, etc. Organizations use them to hold their ID badges, badges, tickets, etc. For the purpose of showing identification wherever security is involved. They are also used to show membership. Sometimes, lanyards are used to show concern with a special cause. Not only do they use for thoughtful purposes, they are also used for fashion as well.

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