Tubular Lanyards

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Lanyards- With The Best Options

Tubular lanyards are indeed the best options for those looking for some stylish but low price lanyard styles. These lanyards are developed with tube stitched polyester which makes them look like a shoelace. We use polyester twill fabric to develop tubular lanyards. They indeed offer great value to your money. If you are on budget, this option indeed worth considering. The use of lanyards is increasing day by day. This is because of the varied uses of lanyards. The cost is another important factor. They make perfect marketing tools. The price of one lanyard is very low as compared to other promotional items in the market. When you buy tubular lanyards from our site, you get them on further discounted price. This is because our prices are very low as compared to the whole market.

Tubular Lanyards are cost effective and strong choice in lanyards. As compared to other lanyards, they are produced from a strong polyester material. This gives them strength and makes them reliable. They are stitched into the tubular form to give the user more comfortable feel. They will not pull the hair. They can be worn for a long period of time. The process that we use to print nylon lanyards is silk screen. We have the silk screen machines where every lanyard goes after creation. Once the logo is imprinted on the lanyard, it becomes personalized. The final product looks unique and astonishing. Nylon lanyards are a great choice for those who are looking for price, feel and comfort into one product.

There are many designs of lanyards available on our site. You can pick one immediately and order on our site. The standard size available are half inch, one inch, 5/8, 3/4, etc. You can order your custom size if you want a different one. We have many color lanyards available on the site. You can choose any PMS color for your desired lanyards. We will imprint your company’s logo, text, image or slogan on the entire lanyard. Allot of attachment options is available. You can pick an option of your choice at the time of order. Contact our active customer service today for your custom lanyards.

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