Woven Lanyards


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Lanyards are widely used for a number of purposes these days . The use of lanyards is ever increasing because they are the most cost effective solution in your marketing campaign. We use high quality polyester in creating woven lanyards. Instead of simple stamping, we weave different texts, images, logos, images, slogans, and other identification marks into lanyards. A lot of threads of different colors are used to weave the images into the woven lanyards. That’s why they are called woven. The material of polyester and woven lanyards is the same but the procedure is different.

Want to enhance the look and feel of your message, logo or other promotional stuff? Woven lanyards are indeed the best options for you. As their name indicates these lanyards have a woven logo or message onto them with a thread. Available in variety of sizes, we use polyester twill fabric to develop quality woven lanyards.

Lanyards woven with polyester are highly durable products to last for a long period of time. Lanyards are amazing products, which can keep an important thing always with you. The thing will remain safe hanging by lanyards. To use lanyards for different purposes, there are variant attachments, which are used to hold things. Lanyards come in a single and double string. We create standard 3/4 lanyards, but we can also produce custom 3/8, 5.8 or 1 inch lanyard for you. The length also varies. However, the length of standard lanyard is 36 inches.