Polyester Lanyards

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High Quality Polyester Lanyards

Polyester lanyards are one of the most popular types of lanyards today because of their reasonable prices and great performance. We use 100 percent polyester fabric in our polyester lanyards and they are available in variety of sizes. Comfortable to wear with distinctive quality of image and very reasonable price are three main features of our polyester lanyards. You can get breakaway lanyards, printed and unprinted lanyards, promotional lanyards and plain lanyards in this material.

Lanyards are strings or cords worn around the neck. They are widely used in hospitals, schools, companies, government organizations, conventions, sports events, parties, friend reunions, parks, libraries, and many other places. There are hundreds of designs on our site from where you can select one to order. Our site is easy to navigate and They are single and double string lanyards available on our site. Double string lanyards are used to hold ID cards or sunglasses etc. Single string lanyards are used for almost all purpose in life. Particularly if, you fear was misplaced something, use a lanyard to keep that item and in front of your eyes.

Polyester lanyards are available in pack type, tubular, tie back, and shock-absorbing lanyards. All of our lanyards are 100% best quality products that will prove very durable in use. Polyester lanyards have a professional look because of the shine and high quality finish that comes to product because of the polyester material. You can order one or multicolor imprinting for your lanyards. We use hot stamp and sublimation procedures to imprint designs on these lanyards. This depends on the purpose, you are using the lanyards for. It also depends on your choice. We also assure the quality of imprinted graphics or piece of text. It will not wear out with the washing or rubbing.

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