Breakaway Lanyards

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Safety Featured Lanyards

Breakaway lanyards or quick release safety lanyards are known for their additional safety features. These lanyards come in different sizes. Our best seller sizes are 1 inch, 3/4 and 5/8. However, you can order any custom design like 3/8, 7/16 or 7/8 etc. This depends on what purpose you won't these lanyards for. They are amazing products that the military, organizations, hospitals, schools, charities, churches, shopping marts, etc. use every day. This deal is an ideal when they are available at very low cost. Our quality breakaway lanyards start from a few dollars per piece, or there are some that also come many in one dollar. That is why they are becoming popular. Their uses are wider than the minimal price.

Breakaway lanyards are made from high quality polyester material. This gives them strength and reliability. These lanyards are perfect to be used when you are working environment includes babies, machinery, or any other equipment. Max Lanyards offers premium quality lanyards which come with imprinted, braided and environment friendly lanyards.

Breakaway lanyards are mainly used for security purpose. If the lanyard is caught, the hook easily breaks into two pieces. This is a secure way of displaying ID badges, cards etc. they are better known as rapid release safety lanyards. With breakaway lanyards, the risk of choking eliminates. There are many attachments available for breakaway lanyards. The customer can choose the design, color, length along with various attachments. Different attachments serve different purposes.

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